This gun is fitted with our Stealth PRO Grip with a S/S Trigger, new 31mm Carbon Rail Barrel and Stealth X ROLLER Muzzle, 7mm Springsteel Spear and 2x 16mm Speargun Rubbers.

We at Rabitech are proud to introduce our new Stealth X range of spearguns. Development of this range took many years and involved a great deal of thought, analysis, ingenuity, extensive testing and numerous revisions prior to its introduction. The end result is an accurate and robust speargun that can withstand the harshest conditions that Africa can throw at it, with various configurations, for the serious underwater hunter.

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Features a multi purpose muzzle and a stronger handle so that one can either change from open to close, or can be upgraded to a Roller muzzle conversion.

  • Stealth PRO Grip: This grip was developed for ultimate strength and durability over many years. We are currently at the 6th revision. With each and every revision we introduce an improvement. The Grip and Cassette Body is manufactured from Glass Reinforced Nylon to ensure ultimate strength with the ability to absorb shock that might be encountered in this extreme sport. All internal parts are manufactured from marine grade stainless steel.
  • S/S Trigger: The Standard Trigger is replaced with a solid die casted marine grade stainless steel Trigger for ultimate strength. With this addition, all the working parts of the Stealth PRO Grip is of marine grade stainless steel making it as strong and robust as can be.
  • Carbon Rail Barrel: Our carbon barrels are designed and manufactured with an integrated rail, resulting in a single, solid 100% Carbon construction. Equipped with a heavy wall thickness to ensure zero flexibility which contributes to extreme accuracy.
  • Rubbers: The Rubbers are manufactured from high grade natural Latex to ensure ultimate elasticity and maximum energy transfer. They are coated with a pigmented layer of Latex that contains UV stabilizers to ensure a longer life and more durable against the elements.

(Line Winder Pictured Not Included)


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