C4 Falcon – Pirate Diving Mask



Falcon is a mask conceived constructively and orgonically specifically for deep apnea.

The strength of the Falcon mask is in fact its extremely contained internal volume, obtained thanks to a design focused on containing spaces and achieved through a mono-structural construction process.

The edge of the skirt, well pronounced also in the lower part of the nose, the perimeter seal, well inclined and structured, and the velvety internal finish increase its watertight characteristics.

The design of the mask body has been studied to make the Falcon  highly hydrodynamic. In fact, the mask flows very well in the water avoiding the tensions typical of deep dives and fast ascents from the deepest apneas.

The visual field has been slightly sacrificed in the less important part, that is in the “surprise” area where the diver’s attention is least concentrated. On the other hand, the important part remains intact, namely that of “concentration” thanks to which the mask can be used not only for freediving but also for deep fishing.

The strap is attached to the mask by means of two soft buckle-holders that fit on the edge of the lenticular frame using a perimeter band double compared to the standard. This feature allows uniform traction over the entire skirt area, significantly increasing comfort.

  • 50 ° shA soft silicone skirt with variable thicknesses with internal matte finish.
  • Anatomic and adjustable silicone strap.
  • 3mm ultra clear tempered glass lenses.
  • Strap release system positioned on the skirt.

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