Future spearfishing gear for an ancient tradition.

Rabitech caters for all your spearfishing and free-diving needs. We are the proud manufacturer of the Rabitech range of spearguns that we export to a number of international distributors.

Our founder refined his speargun making skills over 10 years as a military officer, working on many different specialized military ammunition systems.This experience with his love of spearfishing is extremely valuable in running a business of this nature.

Rabitech is a small business where service comes first.

We build our own range of high tech spearguns

At Rabitech we build our own world class spearguns in our sophisticated workshop. Using the worlds most cutting edge technology to create spearfishing tools for the future.


Our winded Carbon Barrel is made of 60% Carbon and 40% Glass fiber to ensure that the product is not only very light but also super strong with good shock resistance.

Easy to Use

Rabitech is the proud manufacturer of the Stealth X range of spearguns. This range of spearguns is the result of many years of constant improvements and alterations on our designs. Our main goal was to design spearguns that are very reliable and robust with superior accuracy and durability.

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